Best investments for retirees with guaranteed returns

After all those years of working and saving, it is important that you protect you’re your savings without having to worry about sacrificing your investment returns. You can achieve these by looking for investment plans that will give you the best value for your hard earned cash at the end of all that hustle in waiting.

Investments for retirees

  1. Peer-to-peer lending

This kind of lending has grown in popularity for over ten years now.  Peer-to-peer lending takes place over the internet and is now able to compete with borrowers and investors in loans for benefit. Peer-to-peer lending is simply lending money without having the bank play the role of an intermediary. The two largest P2P lending platforms are Lending Club and Prosper. This kind of investment pays out a higher interest rate than you are likely to get on your stock market investments. Quotes for blue cross blue shield advantage plans are located at

  1. Municipal bonds

Municipal bonds are debt securities issued by state, county and municipal governments. Interest earned from municipal bonds is not taxed mainly because of federal income tax purposes. You may also escape state as well as local taxes if you live in the state where municipal bonds are given.

  1. Annuities

These are investment contracts between you and an insurance company. Annuities come income in varies forms, and may sometimes feature guaranteed return at a disclosed rate. They can either be fixed or variable. The rate of return is dependent on how the stock market is performing. However, an annuity contract may include a provision that will protect you from extreme losses in case there is a market drop.

  1. Real estate investment trust

This kind of investments capitalizes on mortgages or direct equity positions in a variety of properties. They pay dividends to their investors, and that yield is usually higher than what you can get from stock dividends. They form one of the best investments for retirees even when the general stock market is in decline. This is because REITs are not hinged with stock exchanges, in the sense that they are unlikely to go down with the rest of the market.

  1. Dividend paying stocks

A high dividend will enable you to ride out a prolonged decline in the stock market, since you might continue to receive income on your stock even if the underlying stock price fluctuates. Dividend-paying stocks often do better than growth stocks in unregulated markets, particularly because investors tend not to concentrate on growth to income.